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Get authentic French current season furniture NOW, not next year


I've recently returned from another jaunt where I unearthed a Frenchman who's been manufacturing beautiful furniture for the last 10 years. I'm delighted to announce that we're the first in Australia to import his work!

Did you know that a lot of the frilly white furniture we see in our retail stores is not actually French, even though it's labelled as such? If you prefer authentic French design, 'the real deal', then you, like me, will appreciate this gentleman's simple, understated yet sheerly elegant designs.

Now, onto the Maison Objet in Paris, which is the bi-annual trade fair in France ... V exciting! The September fair has just passed and you'll be pleased to hear that we're importing authentic styles a whole season ahead of anybody else in Australia! Our retailers follow the Maison Objet, like everyone else in the world, but tend to be a season behind. We're able to import now so you can furnish your home with today's trends TODAY, not next year.

Finally, we've recently done a photo shoot for House & Garden and Country Home Ideas so keep an eye out for us in their October, November and December issues.

Catch you soon,



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